Working with authors I admired on books America loved.

I had the privilege of joined Penguin Random House at a pivotal moment in the company’s history. Penguin and Random House merged six months into my tenure, creating the world’s largest publishing company. Shortly thereafter, the publishing industry experienced massive shifts in sales and pricing models that changed the way the industry did business. That gave me the opportunity to understand the publishing process, help authors in a meaningful way, and lead my colleagues in the new environment.

As Book Country Director, I oversaw the business and daily operations for the online writing and publishing community. I connected authors to their peers in over sixty different literary categories. My leadership more than doubled site membership, helping thousands of writers workshop their books.

I was promoted into the Publisher’s office at the Berkley and NAL imprints as Digital Publishing Director, and then promoted again into the President’s office to support the entire Penguin adult division. I worked with authors to create and manage digital strategies, including marketing, websites, social media, and best practices. I worked with publishers to set pricing and sales strategies. I worked with editors, publicists, and marketers on author acquisition, skill enhancement, and book metadata (the way a reader can find a book online). I taught colleagues how to apply data and analytics, as well as understand new tools. I worked with the Book Industry Study Group to create categories for books and set guidelines for the industry.

I was promoted again to lead DK’s North American publishing program, as VP, Publishing. I served on the global leaders team and directed operations for the United States and Canada.

My strategies helped create bestsellers and a better publishing landscape for authors, agents, publishers, and retailers. Below are books and websites I’ve helped: