Portfolio: Innovations in Journalism.

Bleeding-edge technology paired with award-winning journalism.


For five years, I had the privilege of working in Tribune Tower, called both “a cathedral to journalism” and “the world’s most beautiful office building.”

I was a teenager who had been writing columns and feature stories for its sister paper, The Sun-Sentinel, when I stood outside the Chicago Tribune’s doors, in awe of what I believed to be the best newspaper in the country. I vowed to return as an editor.

I got to live that dream.

I started as a producer for WGN-TV, in charge of the website. During my first week in the role, there was a major train derailment and one of the state’s most prominent political figures died on the same day. I accidentally played a clip from “Family Guy” in front of both of these news stories. Rocky start aside, I made a difference. In less than a year, the website went from ranking last in the market to first. We earned Emmy nominations for using the new digital tools to gather and report the news differently, and those innovations helped save lives.

I’m especially proud of our Tornado Education work. Alongside WGNTV's Chief Meteorologist, I led a team to create an online tornado and severe weather center to teach citizens how to avoid deadly storms.

I was promoted to lead features coverage for the entire Tribune network of newspaper and television websites. I oversaw coverage for the nation’s biggest stories, including assigning stories and editing text, video, and photos. I ran the map on election night in 2008. The newsroom’s windows were open and we could hear the screaming down the street at Grant Park when Barack Obama was elected.

For the election in 2012, I produced the results coverage for the entire tablet and mobile experience. I had been promoted again to create innovative content and develop strategies for a news organization transitioning from a print-to-digital mindset.

I traveled to SXSW to scout innovation. I created partnerships with media organizations to expand the company’s reach. I taught my colleagues across the organization how to thrive in a digital-first environment.

I worked on special projects. Here are a few that are pictured on this page:

Mobile First

As the way people got their news changed from broadsheet to computer to tablets and phones, the news had to change to manage this flow. I led the content direction and implementation to scale news websites to all devices. I was also the consumer face of the product for the Chicago Tribune launch.

Tablet Newspaper

I led the daily content direction for a tablet newspaper proof-of-concept. I worked directly with developers, designers, project and product managers, QA engineers, research, marketing and sales professionals, and executives.

This project was one of the most fulfilling of my career. My colleagues said the project couldn't have been done without me, and the project manager named me "Subject Matter Expert of the Year" for my contributions.

Android App

Working with the Los Angeles Times, we created an app to help citizens understand the crime statistics of their neighborhood.

My negotiations with the technology vendor resulted in a five figure savings.


Before mapping was ubiquitous, I led the product development on an enterprise-level initiative to add geolocation to every news story. I wrote the requirements for geotagged data to flow through two separate content management systems. I collaborated with the development team and the management team to communicate the needs of end users and producers. I taught eight newsrooms how to add location to their reporting, and I also led the design direction for the web and mobile integration.

Entertainment and Fashion Site

Aimed at millennials, we designed Hollywood 101 to provide a snappy, irrelevant look at celebrities and how to mimic their fashion choices on a budget.

I created the content concept, as well as advertising integration points. I hired a team and created the proof-of-concept site under a two-week deadline. I also wrote the promotional video.