You deserve the time, focus, and attention.

Like you, I had a dream. I knew I would make an impact with my words. I charted a course helping people in books and news. I did the work leading newsrooms and publishers, and, now I can bring my expertise to you.
I offer coaching packages tailored to fit your goals.

Current coaching options:

  • Understand the publishing process.
    I explain the publishing process to you and help you determine how your project fits into the current marketplace.

  • Finisher's Club - Solo Journey.
    Going beyond the retreat, I provide the structure and support to give you the motivation to finish the project that you started but haven’t had the time/willpower/desire to complete.
    Can also be arranged for small groups.

  • Start where you are.
    Whether you’re starting a new career, considering changing direction, or feeling stuck where you are and ready to begin anew, I help you find the courage, dedication, and focus to take the next steps.

  • Managing Meaningful Writing Circles.
    If your writing group is new, in a period of transition, or no longer giving you the feedback that’s pushing you forward, I can help. In this three-session package, I meet with your group and discuss and diagnose pitfalls, share new strategies, and support you as the group puts the new tools into place. If you’re searching for a writing circle, I match people to groups.

Don’t see exactly what you’re seeking, but still want to work with me? Contact me below, and I’ll see how I can help. I’m especially interested in working with fellow mothers.

Let’s find a time to discuss your goals and start moving toward them.

Free 20-minute consultation via Skype, Google Chat, FaceTime, or phone. Following the consultation, you can book the coaching package that’s right for you.

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