Mazel Tov! You’re getting married!

I connect creative people to each other, and one of the most joyful unions is through marriage. I’m a Cleveland wedding officiant, and I’m excited about the possibility of joining you on your special day. As a creative wedding officiant in Cleveland, I specialize in sharing your story as a couple and weaving in the traditions that are meaningful to you and your partner. I am here to bring in traditions that are meaningful to you and help you create a personalized, creative wedding ceremony.

Whether that's reading from your favorite book, jumping the broom, standing under a chuppah, uniting your families through ceremonies of sand or candles, writing your own vows, sharing children rings and blessings, reciting the words from your faiths, or something we imagine together, I will work with you to create the wedding that you’re looking for, rather than a one-size-fits-all format.

As a Cleveland wedding officiant, I am honored to unite interfaith couples, same-sex couples, couples with children, and couples who are considering a quick, intimate ceremony.

Working with me includes:

  • an initial meeting with you and your partner

  • writing your ceremony and three rounds of revisions to make sure that your ceremony sounds like you

  • Optional pre-marital coaching

  • travel and attendance to rehearsal and ceremony

  • submitting documents to the state of Ohio

Common Questions

Who will officiate my wedding?

Brandi Larsen will be the officiant at your wedding. Brandi is ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery and holds the authority to solemnize marriages by the State of Ohio.

Will Brandi attend the rehearsal?

Yes, Brandi Larsen will attend the wedding rehearsal as part of the honorarium.

Will Brandi attend the reception?

She will not. Brandi believes that the reception is an intimate time for newlyweds to share with their family and friends.

Do we have to write our own ceremony?

Absolutely not. Your wedding is a reflection of your values, traditions, and tastes. Your ceremony can be as straightforward or as ornate as you wish. Brandi will work with you to create the first moments of marriage that have the most meaning to you as a couple, whether it’s an original or pre-written ceremony.

How long is the ceremony?

That will depend on what you decide. Some couples want readings from their favorite works of literature or scripture; others, want to hear songs that have meaning; others, want to participate in traditions such as the sand ceremony, jumping the broom, or, breaking the glass; others, want co-officiants to include multiple religious themes; still others want to recite their vows only. Most ceremonies last between 15-30 minutes. We’ll find the right timing for you.

What does Brandi wear to the ceremony?

Brandi will discuss with you and wear appropriate attire that fits the feel of your wedding. Often, that is a dress or pantsuit. For ceremonies with strong religious aspects, she can cover her head and shoulders. A smile is a guarantee.

What faith traditions does Brandi officiate?

Brandi Larsen believes that love is love and that we have more in common than what separates us. Brandi's ordination is through the Universal Life Church Monastery, a non-denominational organization renowned for its role as a champion of religious freedom, social justice, and spiritual expression. Brandi serves as a non-denomination wedding officiant in the Cleveland, Ohio area. As a creative wedding officiant in Cleveland, Brandi loves to unite couples from different faith traditions, incorporating the traditions that are meaningful for each person. Brandi understands the traditions of Jewish weddings, interfaith weddings, and the need to create meaningful traditions in non-religious weddings. As your officiant, she'll work with you and your partner to share the traditions that are important to you.

I’m currently too far to meet with you in-person before the wedding. What should I do?

The Internet is a beautiful thing. We can use technology to meet and discuss the details, using your preference of Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or Zoom.

How far in advance should I book your services?

Brandi plans her schedule up to 24 months in advance. Most couples book around nine months in advance, directly after they’ve secured their preferred venue. Brandi has a background in improvisation, enjoys sudden ceremonies, and attempts to say yes to opportunities to unite couples even with a fast-approaching date. Please contact her to see if she can work with your schedule.

How much do Brandi's services cost?

As a wedding officiant in Cleveland, Ohio, Brandi Larsen charges a flat honorarium of $400, for all ceremonies performed within a 30-mile radius of zip code 44107. This honorarium includes a wedding workshop with the couple, optional pre-marital counseling, writing of up to three rounds of ceremony revisions, travel and attendance at the rehearsal and the ceremony, and submission of documents to the State of Ohio. She can serve as your wedding officiant outside Cleveland, Ohio, please contact her to discuss the details.

Does Brandi officiate at weddings outside Ohio?

She can work with you. Please contact her to discuss additional details.

We want to elope.

Brandi is honored to join you at an intimate gathering. The honorarium is $200. Please contact her to discuss the details.

Does Brandi ever waive or reduce the honorarium?

Yes. Brandi believes in the importance of philanthropy and, under special circumstances, can waive or reduce the honorarium. Please contact her to discuss.

What if the wedding doesn’t happen?

Brandi understands that sometimes life doesn’t go the way we’ve planned it. If the wedding is halted before 90 days of the original date, Brandi can reimburse the party.

Let’s talk about your ceremony.

Uniting a couple in marriage on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Uniting a couple in marriage on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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