Creating space
for all of us. 


I’m a writer.


Join a writing circle.

Writing isn’t just about typing our words onto the page. Writing is about connecting. I host writing circles in-person and online, based on your experience level and interests.
I’d love for you to join us.

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Discover publishing.

You’ve got questions about how the business works. How does a book get published? What happens between when a manuscript is sold and a book lands on store shelves?
I answer these questions and more in my workshop.

Please teach me. I’m ready to understand. →


Learn from me.

I’ve been asked to speak at Harvard Business School, Book Expo, Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, Digital Book World, and the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit, among others.
I’d love to help your organization.

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Send kids to college.

I support charities that make a difference in people’s lives. The words above are from the award-winning student essay for a scholarship I created, asking how students will help their communities. Please join me in helping our world.

Please help me give. I’d love to contribute. →