Creating community through words.


I am a writer.

It was terrifying to write that sentence, despite my decades of journalism and publishing accomplishments.

For many years, I was a writer who didn’t write. Or only wrote occasionally. I stopped saying I was a writer. My kids were little. My job was intense. I was busy helping writers. We moved a lot. My parents died.

All of these were true. But, I stopped because I was afraid. That fear alienated me from the creative community and made the work harder when I sat down to the page.

As writers, I think there’s a misconception that writing is solitary. While, yes, initially, we sit alone with our thoughts, I know publishing as one of the most collaborative and intimate art forms. More than 50 hands touch every book to bring it to life, from agents to editors to publishers to designers to marketers to publicists to sales professionals to production artists to warehouse managers to delivery specialists to booksellers and librarians to reviewers to advance readers to family and friends to, you, the reader, alone with me, the writer, immersed in thoughts together, transported to a world I’ve created just for you. Each book is loved into life.

I write to inspire people the way I have been inspired by reading. I do this by writing about creativity, grief, and the human experience as seen from my corner of the world.

I am currently writing essay-length narrative non-fiction pieces and a novel about grief and family; where love and loss intersect to create life.

I write the way I published: by creating community. If you’re a writer, please connect with me. If you’re a reader, please become a fan as I bring this work to the page. You can also sign up to join my network in the footer below.