Writing Group Matchmaking Ticket and Coaching Package-- August 20, 2019

Writing Group Matchmaking Ticket and Coaching Package-- August 20, 2019


Your writing group is more than just a collection of folks gathered together in a bunch. They're your first readers. Your community. Your tribe. Your group is your circle of connection. Your circle of writers who will encourage you from the first page through publication and beyond.

This event gives you the opportunity to find your circle, meeting writers in a friendly and casual, relaxed setting.

$200 payment includes admission to the event on August 20, 2019 from 7-9 pm and the Writing Circle coaching package.

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How It Works

Please plan to arrive a couple of minutes early to get settled. When you check-in, you'll be given a name tag and your packet for the night. Stop by the bar, if that's your pleasure, and grab a drink (we suggest Young Hearts Cider or the New Romance Czech Amber Lager).

Find a seat and chat with the fellow romance and women's fiction writers at your table. You may be talking with a future Writing Circle match!

Once everyone is settled, your host, Brandi Larsen, will share an overview of how to give feedback and best practices for successful Writing Circles.

We'll pair into groups and we'll start Round One. This is your chance to meet writers in the room. You will have a couple of minutes to introduce yourself within your group and give a quick overview of your writing and Writing Circle goals. Your partners will do the same. In your packet, you'll record an initial impression of whether you think the writers you meet are a possible match. Then, we'll rotate groups and repeat the process. Brandi will collect this information from your packet and start to find your matches.

For Round Two, you will be paired with potential Writing Circle matches. You'll give feedback on a piece of writing, either a prompt in your packet (everyone's is different) or a selection from your potential match's writing. You'll put your best practices to work and share what takes your attention about the writing. Then, you'll share from either the prompt or your own work and receive feedback from your potential matches. In your packet, you'll record whether the potential matches are people with whom who'd you like to create your Writing Circle. Then, we'll rotate groups and repeat the process. Brandi will collect this information from your packet.

For Round Three, Brandi will ask you to rank your top choices of all the writers you met and will collect your desired matches. She'll work her matchmaking magic and share Writing Circle introductions over email the next day.

What Should I Bring?

One page of your writing. You may decide to receive feedback on this selection. We find that a smile, a positive attitude, and a sense of humor is also helpful.

I'm introverted. Is This Event For Me?

Many of us are introverted, and it's daunting to walk into a room of people we don't know yet. We strive to create an event that is casual and friendly and create the space for you to be who you are. If you're very nervous, tell Brandi at the event and she'll do her best to ease the tension for you.

What If I Don't Receive Your Email?

It may be your email settings. Everyone in attendance who includes an email address will receive an email on Wednesday, April 24. Contact the organizer, and we'll make sure we get your Writing Circle matches.

What Happens If I Don't Make a Match?

It's not your fault. Finding a Writing Circle is finding your tribe and sometimes the right people for you aren't in attendance that night. You are still loved. The world still needs your work. Keep writing! Brandi connects writers to their circles both in person and online -- she'll talk with you about next steps, including online connections and discounts on future matchmaking events.

What If I Do Find My Match?

Yay! If, during any of the rounds, you find the person or people with whom you want to work (and those folks declare the same about you), you don't have to wait for Brandi to confirm your match. Your new Writing Circle can announce itself as matched at any time. Let Brandi know and we'll celebrate with you.

Is it a ticketed event?

Yes! There are three ticket options. The event is $20 in advance, $25 at the door or this option, the Event and Writing Circle Coaching Package.


How It Works

Following the Writing Group Matchmaking event on August 20, the Writing Circle Coaching Package includes three 50-minute coaching sessions with host Brandi Larsen. Brandi will coach your group on how to build and manage a meaningful Writing Circle. In this three-session package, she'll meet with your group and discuss and diagnose pitfalls, share new strategies, and support you as the group puts the tools into place.

What happens if multiple people in my group select this option?

We can work out the details. You may choose to extend the sessions (for example, if two people in your group selected this package, we can do six sessions with the group), transfer the sessions to individual coaching for one of the participants, or we can refund the coaching sessions (minus the cost of the event). Contact Brandi, and we’ll select the option that works best for you and your group.

How much time is each coaching session?

Each coaching session is 50-minutes long.

And how many are there?


How far apart will we schedule the coaching sessions?

Transforming a group of strangers into a cohesive Writing Circle works best with time and intention. Brandi recommends the coaching sessions occur over a three or six-week period, but will schedule over the course of three months, based on the needs and desires of the group..

Where will they take place?

At a mutually-agreed upon location, within 30 miles of Lakewood, Ohio. If desired, coaching sessions can occur online via Skype/Zoom/Hangout.

Does the coaching package expire?

Yes. All coaching packages must be scheduled by August 20, 2020.

If I already have a writing group, may I select this option?

No. There is a coaching package available for strengthening existing Writing Circles. This coaching package is designed for groups that are matched at the August 20th Writing Group Matchmaking event.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Brandi believes that cost should never get in the way of your work. Email b@brandilarsen.com for details.

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