Finishers' Club for Women - September 2020

Finishers' Club for Women - September 2020

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You felt so excited when you started writing. There was so much energy. Momentum. The world was almost in your hand. Then, life happened.

Your project started to fall away. Maybe it moved in your mind from the thing you couldn’t wait to do to the thing it looked like you’d never do.

That doesn’t have to be the way the story ends.

Join us on September 13, 2020 at The Finishers’ Club for Women, a retreat to give you the time, space, and community to finish what you’ve started. Meet a community of women just like you as you take your project off your to-do list and share it with the world. Need more time? Extend the retreat mindset and arrive as early as 3 pm on Saturday, September 12 to enjoy an overnight in our special, serene retreat house steps from Lake Erie.

You may have so many projects that it’s hard to decide which is the best one for this retreat. The truthful answer is the one that’s been nagging at you. Some examples from past participants include finishing podcasts, book chapters, poems, and songs; finalizing screenwriting goals; and launching websites. Finishing a writing project is a natural fit, especially options such as creating an agent or editor pitch letter; polishing an essay, article, or talk; or finalizing your short story, chapter, or book proposal so the pieces are ready to share with the world. You’ll pick the right one — we believe in you.

It’s almost impossible to push everything aside and do for yourself. But, the world needs your work, and you need the space to finish it.

Claim your place now. Early decision pricing is available until July 31, 2020.

Claim Your Place
I participated in one of Brandi’s Finisher Club projects and it was such an encouraging and rewarding experience! The group I was in was so positive and motivating, and I had a proud sense of accomplishment when I finished!!!
— Debbie H., Finisher.

Setting aside the time and space to finish your project is a gift to you and the world.

The Location:

In lovely Lakewood, Ohio, the first suburb west of Cleveland, on the shore of Lake Erie. Our retreat home is a destination onto itself. The Centering Space is steps to Lakewood Park, where you can recharge on the Solstice Steps and enjoy the gorgeous views. Lakewood has a vibrant arts and culture scene with galleries, theatres, and a library open late everyday. Lakewood has been named one of the best food neighborhoods of Northeast Ohio, and is one of the region’s most walkable cities. Full address will be sent following registration.

The Schedule:

Sunday, September 13, 2020. 9:30 am to 4:45 pm.

9:30 am. Participants arrive. Because retreats are sacred spaces, we encourage you to come promptly, get settled with a yummy bite to eat, and start to mingle with the amazing community who will join you on the creative journey.

Brandi will start Opening Circle, creating the retreat mindset with joyful, creative exercises that will set the tone for the day’s work. We’ll settle around the home — there are plenty of spaces for you to find inspiration. Whether you choose to work at a writing desk upstairs, at the little table on the front porch, on the garden bench or on picnic tables outside, indoors in the den’s cozy chairs, or at the comfort of the community table, the majority of time will be spent working to finish the project that you brought to the retreat. You can choose to join the community for casual check-ins, more formal personalized coaching with Brandi, or just focus exclusively on your work. The beauty of retreat space is that you will discover the choice that is right for you in the moment.

12:00 Lunch is served. Participants may choose to eat together at the community table or return to their working space.

3:00 Final push. Brandi will inspire the group to keep going when it gets hard and use the remaining moments to finish strong.

3:45. We gather together in Closing Circle. Brandi will lead us to celebrate what we’ve finished, acknowledge the work it took to get where we are, and share ideas on what our community can do next.

4:45 pm. Retreat ends.

For those who want to pamper themselves with a retreat mindset overnight, we can offer simple accommodations in one of the rooms on the second and third floor. All rooms have a twin size bed, space to sit and relax, and shared bath. Overnight guests may check-in as early as 3 pm on September 12 and may stay until the retreat ends on September 13 at 4:45 pm. Enjoy dinner on your own (or with a new friend!) on Saturday night and then meet Brandi back at the home for optional cookies and creativity at 7 pm. Get started in the morning at your own pace. Brandi will provide bagels and fruit for a self-service breakfast.

The weight of my unfinished project was like the 15 pound diaper bag I constantly carried with me. It was so normal for me to say, “I’m working on it.” “It’s almost done.” “I can’t find the time to finish it with the kids.” After working with Brandi, I have shared my finished work out into the real world. I feel like I have been freed of the diaper bag of excuses — and being 15 pounds lighter, I’m ready to jump into my writing life!
— Mary Theresa Archbold, Finisher.

The Home:

We chose The Centering Space as our retreat home because of the peaceful, serene feeling we felt upon walking through the doors. It’s the type of place where you can take in a deep breath and leave all of what you’re carrying outside its doors. It’s a space full of beauty, reflection, and whimsy. There are many perfect places to sit, wonder, imagine, and discover the secret for your work to come together.

The retreat home has quite a few delightful surprises incorporated into the design motif, which we think you’ll love as much as we do. Inspirational artwork. Views of the lake and the treetops. A sweeping staircase. The library where Brandi will meet with you one-on-one to discuss how to reach your goals. Even a stained glass window in the most unexpected location.

For those who wish to stay overnight, there are four simple bedrooms. Both the Heart Room and the Freedom Room are on the second floor. The Heart Room includes a double bed, dresser, closet, cozy chair, and wooden Art Deco desk overlooking the garden. The Freedom Room features a butterfly motif and includes a twin bed, dresser, closet, rocking chair, wooden Art Deco desk, and large windows. Both bedrooms share a full bathroom that is also located on the second floor. The Blue Room and the Angel Room are located on the newly-remodeled third floor. The Angel Room includes a twin bed tucked under the eave of the home, dresser, luggage stand, and cozy recliner for those who like to write and relax simultaneously. The Angel Room has two big windows that span the entire southern wall. The Blue Room includes a twin bed,  dresser, closet, formal chair and ottoman, desk, windows overlooking the park, and direct access to the renovated full bathroom shared with the Angel Room. Retreat participants who choose to stay overnight may also return to their rooms to write during Sunday’s finishing time. Accommodations are simple and clean, with linens and towels provided, but the home is not a traditional hotel; it’s a space where people come to reflect, to renew, and to finish their work. There is WiFi. Accommodations are available in the booking order received.

Because it is a historic property, the home is not handicap accessible.

The Coaching

Brandi Larsen will be your host and guide for this retreat. Brandi is a former journalism and publishing executive who helped create New York Times bestsellers, wrote stories that earned Emmy nominations, and persisted in spite of the impossible. She’s spoken at Harvard Business School, Book Expo America, and Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, among others. Brandi designed the first Finishers’ Club retreat because she needed the space and camaraderie to finish her own creative project. She’s excited to create this retreat and community for women.

Brandi offers private one-on-one coaching sessions during the retreat. Brandi focuses on the questions you have to uncover how to move forward and get your work into the world. Sign up during registration to participate.


Brandi believes that cost shouldn’t get in the way of a woman finishing her work — payment plans and scholarships are available. Because the home is a historic century home, it is not handicap accessible. If you need accommodations, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to give you what you need. The retreat house is right on the lake and Cleveland is known for its surprising weather patterns so please dress comfortably for your body. The Centering Place is a space that holds people’s hopes, dreams, accomplishments, and prayers; there are spiritual references in the artwork on the property. We hope you’ll love and respect the energy of the home — we do. More questions? We answer the most common ones in our FAQ.

I also loved that when I felt like I may be falling behind, I could look at others and see that they were plugging right along. Literally the story of my life, we plug along and when I see others plugging along with me, I feel like I can always keep going.
— -Mierka Drucker, Finisher.