Our scavenged table

I am so proud of what we did.  We took the weird piece of wood that we found in our loft and turned it into a table.

Here's how we did it:

  1. Find weird piece of wood in the loft. (Bottom row, second from the left). Haul it downstairs and inspect it. Decide it will make the perfect reclaimed wood. It's way better than the $400 piece of reclaimed bowling alley that inspected after hauling your family out to a deserted warehouse in Brooklyn (in the freezing rain). Scrub it down. A lot.
  2. Do frantic internet search for "the perfect legs." Find gorgeous hairpin legs online. Get nervous by the shop's un-ironic name "Hairpin Legs for Less." Buy, despite reservations. Wait. Receive package full of legs. Jump up and down in excitement because the legs are beautiful (Bottom row, first on the left).
  3. Place table top on a blanket. Screw legs into each corner (Bottom row, third from the left). Repeat for each leg.
  4. Reverse table so it's standing. Wait a few minutes for it to collapse. Breathe deeply when it doesn't. Admire your handiwork.